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Meet the Team



Charlie writes (or at least thinks he can). He always ends up with a stout in his hand through no fault of his own. His favourite beer is Beavertown Breweries ‘Sour Power’; it is the lip puckering, caustic benchmark to which he holds all other inferior beverages.


Sam writes, often illegibly, and often in a little silly notebook that he carries around. He has been searching for the perfect New Zealand pale ale for many months now, but will happily drink anything that reminds him of Tropicana. His current favourite beer is Marble Breweries Antipodean- shit’s good


Stanley also writes, as well as being the executive director in charge of semi colons.  He is a fan of anything old, strong and English. His favourite beer is The Mayan Chilli Chipotle Stout by Ilkley Brewery. 


Jack is our photographer. He is an artist who likes to get drunk and form deep and lasting relationships with bar staff. A fan of the dark, Jack’s favourite beer is anything sticky and intimidating - particularly Dark Star’s Russian Imperial Stout

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