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Canned Beer – November 2014

Canned Beer – November 2014

We like a can. The can is a beautiful thing. A utility vessel for the student on the move, perfect in many a dingy Fallowfield basement or by a bonfire in the winter months. The recent trend for craft beers in a can is growing, apparently due to the tighter seal on flavour and increased light protection from the process. We personally feel this may be due to the increased opportunity for eye candy that cans offer. This trend is personified by the Indie Beer Can Festival in September, which saw Adnam’s Ghost Ship scoop first place.

With this in mind, we decided to further our knowledge of the humble tinnie by heading down to our local specialist beer shop, The Epicurean, and picking up some interesting looking beverages. We settled down for the evening with a game of Lord of the Rings trivial pursuit and conducted some serious research. Here are our findings.


Westbrook Brewing Company – One Claw 5.5% 7/10

Coming from across the pond, this is a pale ale with a major kick of rye. Malty but well balanced, the rye is pretty subtle but not dominated by the big fruit flavours. We like this beer a lot.


Flying Dog Brewery – Snake Dog IPA 7.1% 6/10

This is a hazy, inviting hop monster of an American IPA. The bitterness is pretty intense, as you might expect, and it does well to hide the alcohol flavour whilst still managing to slip down easily with a sweet piney finish. If you are into big IPAs you will like this.


Flying Dog Brewery – Under Dog Atlantic Lager 4.7% 5.5/10

Very different to other canned lagers we regularly partake in (think holsten pils) this beer stands out with citrusy hop flavours. It is clean, crisp and enjoyable – but nothing spectacular. To give it credit, our resident non lager drinker was fairly impressed by it.


St-Feuillien – Saison 6.5% 8/10

Saison in a can?! Belgian farmhouse ales have a special place in our collective beery heart so this was a welcome surprise. It’s lively and highly carbonated with those expected big estery cinnamon notes on the nose. Deeply satisfying to drink, the beer is spicy and dry with prominent yeast flavours. We want to stockpile this.


Beavertown Brewery – Neck Oil 4.3% 7/10

Hailing from the capital, Beavertown are at the forefront of the craft can movement. Their eyecatching designs seem to have set a new precedent for what a tinnie should look like. This is their self-proclaimed session IPA, and we agree – we could and would drink it all day. Very light and fruity, it has a distinctive grapefruity-citrus taste and earned the title of the most refreshing drink of the evening.


Oranjeboom 5% – 10/10

You can’t go wrong with a boom. Our old favourite never fails, and can be procured for less than a pound per unit. The drink for all social occasions. Taste? Who knows.

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