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Tweed Brew Co


Tweed is an up and coming brewery in Hyde, which have recently come to our attention due to a strong social media presence. We were invited by owner Sam to come check out their premises and try their new brew. It is one of the youngest craft breweries in the country and happens to be on our doorstep….almost. After a ridiculous cycle from Fallowfield to Hyde which may have taken us round a reservoir and over multiple motorways we arrived at Newton Business Park. Despite being told to leave under the threat of the police being called, like the hoodlums we are, we eventually made it to the warm safe haven of Tweed HQ.

Tweed’s first barrel was sold on November 22ndand since then they have been popping up in bars all over Manchester. The operation consists of Sam, the 22 years old ideas man, who’s recently shot to fame with his interview with the lad bible – more on that later. He’s partnered up with his dad, Dave, who has previously ran logistics in the brewing industry. Finally there is Tony, the head brewer, who has provided the skill and experience needed for them to achieve their goals.

“Tony is a family friend who also happens to be a brewer”, with more than fifteen years experience brewing and a SIBA award under his belt he is more than qualified for the job. This is what Sam says sets them apart from other microbreweries, their professional background. His passion for beer and attention to detail is well known, with us being told a particular incident in which a builder creating sawdust a considerable distance away from any beer was called all the names under the sun and chased out for potentially contaminating the brew.


But what about the beer itself? Their first brew was Winter Tweed, which Sam is most proud of. “It’s really lovely and drinkable, almost no discernible bitterness. I’m really happy with it because it’s the first brew we made, and it turned out so well.” They have four more beers to their name, including Tweed Pale Ale, Six Points and Black Shire Stout. The stout has gone down the best with the punters. Sam told us how a barrel that he sold to a pub ended up being drunk by the staff in the basement.

However, the future for tweed is apparently in beers like Hopster – which we got to try on the day, It’s a refreshing pale ale with strong pineapple aromas. Unfortunately, it was far too cold on the day for most of the flavours to come through, whether that was us or the beer remains to be seen. Sam sees Hopster as the future for the brewing company. Fitting in with the breweries idea for more inclusive drinking – they want to create interesting beer that will appeal to beer drinkers and non-beer drinkers alike – rather than niche styles that only appeal to the converted.


Part of their vision is inspired by Sam’s visit to the States in which he saw a drinking culture very different to ours. People would sit down and session on easy drinking wheat beers, such as Blue Moon, even in party spots such as Las Vegas. And whilst they want to make interesting brews to appeal to this wider audience, the LADbible’s bacon in a pint of lager picture may be a quite far from the truth. Sam elaborated on his moment of fame ‘we only had an email interview, but they twisted my words’. They claimed he owned a sweetshop at a racetrack, which his girlfriend dragged him to, but in reality the sweetshop (which he owns at this day) never had any link to the racecourse his girlfriend worked at.

If you want to try any of Tweeds brews, they are in all the Fonts except Fallowfield (expected to change soon) Port Street Beer House and the Marble Arch. Joshua brooks are stocking a number of their beers too, so next time you’re at a dancehall event pick up a Black Shire Stout to sip while skanking the night away.

We enjoyed our time at Tweed, having a lengthy chat with beer lovers is always enjoyable and this was no exception. What they told us excited us greatly and we look forward to hearing about their endeavours in the future.

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