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Wigan Central

Wigan Central was once a railway station, but times have changed and thankfully it’s now a pub, and what a pub it is. The bar is railway themed with booths like carriages, fake countryside window scenes, fake pigeons above and even railway departure times on the walls for commuters! It attempts and pretty much pulls off a throwback to what we imagine were the glory days of railway travel – but as 90s babies this is only a guess. They have a huge focus on real ale with constantly changing casks and an awesome bottle selection in what is aptly named the bottle library (although I can’t imagine anyone returning any beers).


This bar has been burning across our Twitter feed as of late, from far away Fallowfield we have seen their meteoric rise from railway arch to craft boozer of note. Not to be left out, we hopped on the slow train from Oxford Road Station to glorious Wigan with an army in tow. Thankfully we had our native guide. Sam Green -Wigan denizen, is a personal friend with experience of the Central. We settled in, passed round a pad, and let our friends do the speaking as they soaked up the ale. Here are their thoughts!

Sam G (Local Wiganer and Guide): Different to the usual places to drink in Wigan, with a good choice of ales too. You can’t get these kind of beers anywhere else in town – normally only big regional breweries are represented. In terms of Wigan nightlife, It makes a refreshing break from Carlsberg and Vodka Red bulls.

Becky (Captain of Liverpool Uni Hockey Team): They have particularly adorable half pint glasses! They had a folk singer on the day, who was good but maybe not a perfect fit for a Sunday Afternoon. I approve of the décor!

Hannah (Renowned Socialist): It’s all about the vibe here. It’s an aesthetically pleasing warm space with friendly staff to match.


And here are some SpecialOpinions:

Sam J: They had some amazing beers on, it was fantastic to drink beer from microbreweries we love, I was drinking pints from breweries like Magic Rock and Runaway for a fraction of what you’d pay in a dingy Northern Quarter bar. The bar staff were fantastically helpful, even if one of them did eat the last pork pie. My first visit to Wigan sadly ended pieless.

Jack: Has large reclaimed barrels for tables, which tickles me in all the right places. Pigeons peer upon you, which begs the question, am I in a station? But nah forget it, yo home, the bel-air, I have a tasty tasty beer.

Charlie: Top stuff, a lovely place to sesh. Would much rather revise in this library than the one at uni. You will do well to get more beer for your buck. It was cheap enough to free ourselves from the stranglehold that is the half pint.

We rounded off the evening with a visit to John Bulls Chop House, where we got very sloshed and fell asleep on the train home. We plan on returning to Wigan in March for the Beer festival and hope to visit again then for some top beverages and maybe a Wigan Kebab or 3.

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