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Review: The Dog and Partridge, East Didsbury


It seems only fair to make the first pub we write up our most visited. The dog and partridge stands out from other pubs on East Didsbury high street as an independent, reasonably priced boozer complete with traditional signage. On the inside, the pub is warm and welcoming with reassuring amounts of brown wood. The traditional vibe might make you think East Didsbury actually is a village, were it not for the magic bus whizzing past the window.

The Dog and Partridge first hooked me when midway through the Didsbury dozen, I looked up from a drunken haze to find myself in a lovely little snug at the back of the D&P. Since then, we have been back every week for Cheesy Tuesdays, where true to the name, the management put out a table of cheese, pate and pickles for hungry patrons. There’s also a constantly refilled barrel of free nuts in the corner if all the cheese is gone by the time you get there.

Three cask taps are present on the bar and in a state of perpetual change. Last week they had CAMRA award winning Silver Owl from Saddlesworth, this week Phoenix breweries pale moonlight – very drinkable dry bitter. In constant supply are Adnam’s Southwold bitter and Timmy T. landlord – a definite plus for us.

The mellow, cosy atmosphere and colossal pile of board games makes this the ideal place to settle in for six or seven pints on a Sunday. However, the pub transforms in a major way when big matches are on, so avoid unless you like perching on the outside windowsill.

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