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Beer Nouveau

We visited Beer Nouveau’s set up on Temperance Street at the beginning of the summer, and shamefully never put pen to paper to write about it. Since then, we’ve seen his unfined, tradition inspired beer popping up all over the city.

Beer Nouveau is a one man operation once described as ‘The Smallest Commercial Brewery in the World’, brewing a modest supply of beer in reclaimed eco-kegs and making deliveries on a souped up push bike. Last year, he upped sticks and took over the old Privateer Brewery spot on Temperance Street, providing a significant increase in capacity and a new space for some nifty open taps.

When we visited we got a chance to try some noteworthy beers ‘from the wood’ and have a talk with the man himself, who I believe is called Steve.

From the wood? Yes, an alternative to cask or keg, beer from the wood is aged in oak barrels and naturally dispensed (See picture below). Apparently, this allows the hops in the beer to interact with the oak, producing new and exciting flavours.

Love – 4.2%

An English pale ale.

The delicate English malt is complemented by soft amaretti, almond and peach flavours. Very Nice!


Truth - 5.5%

English IPA with Fuggles and Golding hops.

This beer gave off a real smokey islay whiskey vibe. We were told this was a result of the Fuggles hops mixing with the oak.


Purity 3.6%

An English pale ale.

Coming through herbaceous, with subtle earthy flavours, red grape, tart apple. A lot of the wood in this one.


After drinking all of these beers, we had a conversation with Steve about his brewery, his branding and his love of Fuggles. Unfortunately, the details are hazy at this point, although we do pointedly remember him stating that he brews beer that he wants to drink, and that brewtaps bring people together. Cheers to that!

P.S. Wee Beastie is well nice!

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