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MANCHESTER BEER WEEK: Mad Hatter's Beer Party

Mad Hatter Brewery make beer in Liverpool and are perhaps best known for their Carroll-esque artwork and for their outlandish but well-crafted brews. We’ve previously been impressed by Tzatski Sour (the best Greek dip inspired beer we've ever tried); Bretter Than Life (pleasingly reminiscent of pickled onion monster munch); and Follow The White Bunny (an unexpectedly bold ultra-session wit).

As far as we know, there isn’t anywhere you can drink Mad Hatter beer direct from the source. That’s why we were so chuffed when we heard our old favourite the Piccadilly Tap would be pouring a tranche of Mad Hatter beers as part of Manchester Beer Week. We duly made our way there and drank everything on offer. Tasting notes below.

Toxteth IPA 6.5%

This is Mad Hatters’s classic IPA. It’s a hazy yellow, fruity brew with a nice bitter hang.

Liverpool Tart 4.2%

Often we drink a sour beer and complain that it isn't sour enough. Not so here, this is a beautiful citrus gose hits that acerbic sweet spot.

Baltic Porter 8.5%

We drink a lot of sweet stouts so it’s nice to see a more classic strong porter on offer. This beer is refreshing and savoury with a satisfying dry finish.

Orange ‘n’ Basil 5.8%

This sour beer was somewhat divisive. While the aroma is something really interesting, the flavour combination didn’t quite work for us.

Penny Lane Pale 6%

Our favourite beer of the night, Penny Lane is a juicy west coast pale with a big rubicon aroma.

Farmhouse Saison 7%

This is a very Belgian, very zesty saison with an almost wine-like aftertaste.

Lick Face 4%

This APA was floral on top with a sweet and soft easy drinking flavour. Good stuff.

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